Hopeland (hopey_ils) wrote in be_pre,

♥ running!

Be_Pre Survey

Name: H*Rock

Highschool or College level?: highschool junior ('07!!)

Your Events: 1600m, 4x8 are my loves. sometimes i have to run the open 8 or the 2mile (i hate it though)

Relays? If so what leg?: usually first, gotta get a good start. but sometimes last /:

Favorite weather: rain (: otherwise, around 50 no sun.

Past Injuries: stree fracture in my hip took me out of conference, sec, n state for cross soph. year

Current Injuries: noneee (: besides my hip still bothering me when i run on the indoor track too many laps

Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: anything new balance = ♥

Motivational Quotes: "Most people don't run long enough on their 1st wind, to realize they have a 2nd."

i can't wait till outdoor season starts. 2 month n counting! ♥ hopey
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