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Be_Pre Survey
Highschool or College level?:Highschool sophomore
Your Events:3200.800.4x800. maybe 1600 this year and possible discus or high jump.
Relays? If so what leg?: second.
Favorite weather: 60-ish. cloudy. rain.
Past Injuries: i had some problems with my hips, knees and quads this past XC season. said to be caused due to impact
Current Injuries: still hip problems((gosh, i sound like an old lady))
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: new balance for XC. nike for track.
Motivational Quotes: there's a lot, but one is-
"A run begins the moment you forget you are running."--Adidas

Yeah, so I'm from CT. I run XC in the fall((4k)) and outdoor track in the spring. I play basketball in the winter even though I hate it. I actually like running, and admit to it, even though a lot of people say that just do XC or track to stay in/get into shape.

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