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Hey Hey Hey

Highschool or College level?:High School
Your Events:Mile, 2Mile, 800, 2Mile relay
Relays? If so what leg?: I think I've been pretty reliable when needed and done all of them atleast once.. most often 2 or 3rd.
Favorite weather: Warm high 60's low 70's, a little sun but not much... nice breeze, nothing you have to work against.
Past Injuries: Shin splints, other than that the regular aches and pains.
Current Injuries: I'm almost postive I have bursitis... I have to get it checked out before the season starts.
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: Nikes always work for me, I'm not sure they are just the ones I always end up picking out.
Motivational Quotes:"Hard work beats talent when talent doesnt work hard"...."Run hard and turn left" "Just run" man I cant think of any of my awesome ones right now... I look them up and update with all my good ones. ;)
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