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I'll jump higher--farther Throw harder--Bend further--Run faster-longer Than you

Anything you can do, I can do better!

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Anyone can join! This is to have fun!
Unfortunatley with every community there has to be rules, to at least make sure there's no chaos.
-->only write about track and field/XC related things, otherwise I will have to delete your post/comment
-->you can write about your meets, workouts, your eating habits before a meet, your tricks and tips, ask for advice and anything else. as long as it relates to this community
-->if you do not obey this simple rule, you will get a warning. 2 warnings and you will be banned from the community
-->You may promote this community, if you wish.
-->If your posts tend to be longer (full of pictures, a detailed meet, etc. etc) please put behind an LJ cut! Thank you! :-)

The Be_Pre Survey
I will do this for easy reference.
Every member who joins can choose to fill out this short survey...I will add your survey to Be_Pre's info. After you join, copy and paste this survey and post it to this community. I will then, put it in here if you wish. This is so everyone can see it and know a little about you while they read your posts.

Be_Pre Survey
Highschool or College level?:
Your Events:
Relays? If so what leg?:
Favorite weather:
Past Injuries:
Current Injuries:
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat:
Motivational Quotes:

Be_Pre Survey
Name: Maureen
Highschool or College level?: Highschool
Your Events: 100m hurdles mainly! I'll do anything they ask me to do! I love doing pentathlon, 4x1, triple jump and POLEVAULTING.
Relays? If so what leg?: 4x1 mainly-last leg
Favorite weather: Partly cloudy, a slight breeze, 60-75º, very little humidity
Past Injuries: sprained my ankle many times, dislocated my shoulder,sprained/broke toes, sprained my wrist oh I could go on forever
Current Injuries: my back always has about 10-15 discs out at a time & I'm still dealing with my dislocated shoulder
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: NIKES!! all the way, I do not like Adias. My Nike Zoom W's gave me my best times last year, they are my ultimate favorite!
Motivational Quotes: "Time me, measure me, just TRY & BEAT me."