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Be_Pre Member Reference

                       Be_Pre Member Reference :-)

This will come in handy, when you are reading people's posts and know nothing about them!  If you would like to add on your survey, go to this community's info, fill it out in a post (after you join) and I will add it in here. 

Your Mod

kisseverlasting    Name: Maureen
Highschool or College level?: Highschool
Your Events: 100m hurdles mainly! I'll do anything they ask me to do! I love doing pentathlon, 4x1, triple jump and POLEVAULTING.
Relays? If so what leg?: 4x1 mainly-last leg
Favorite weather: Partly cloudy, a slight breeze, 60-75º, very little humidity
Past Injuries: sprained my ankle many times, dislocated my shoulder,sprained/broke toes, sprained my wrist oh I could go on forever
Current Injuries: my back always has about 10-15 discs out at a time & I'm still dealing with my dislocated shoulder
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: NIKES!! all the way, I do not like Adias. My Nike Zoom W's gave me my best times last year, they are my ultimate favorite!
Motivational Quotes: "Time me, measure me, just TRY & BEAT me."

trulyforgotten9    Name:  Samantha 
Highschool or College level?:Highschool sophomore
Your Events:3200.800.4x800. maybe 1600 this year and possible discus or high jump.
Relays? If so what leg?: second.
Favorite weather: 60-ish. cloudy. rain.
Past Injuries: i had some problems with my hips, knees and quads this past XC season. said to be caused due to impact
Current Injuries: still hip problems((gosh, i sound like an old lady))
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: new balance for XC. nike for track.
Motivational Quotes: there's a lot, but one is-
"A run begins the moment you forget you are running."--Adidas

Yeah, so I'm from CT. I run XC in the fall((4k)) and outdoor track in the spring. I play basketball in the winter even though I hate it. I actually like running, and admit to it, even though a lot of people say that just do XC or track to stay in/get into shape.

plattypus Name: Maryann
Highschool or College level?: high school!!!!
Your Events: xc, 600, 300 hurdles, 55 hurdles, high jump, triple jump
Relays? If so what leg?: 4x4 third leg, 4x8 1st leg
Favorite weather: cool, like 40s-50s and sunny...but rain's okay too!!
Past Injuries: shins......what else haha no and strained back from highjump
Current Injuries: recovering from mono....trying to get into shape again
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: asics cumulus vii trainers, somethin fast for flats!!!
Motivational Quotes: (duh...) "to give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift" and from my captain, "sometimes running hurts...but more often than not, its a lot of fun too!"

gatoradelover   Name: Nicole

Highschool or College level?: Senior / High School

Your Events: 200 400 800 1000 4x4 Javelin

Relays? If so what leg?: 4x4 2nd because it been my spot ever since freshman year

Favorite weather: Cloudy 60ish

Past Injuries: Fractured Knee. Shin splits. Hip Flexor.

Current Injuries: Shin Splits. Quad pull

Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: Mizuno for training. Adidas FastLap for Spikes

Motivational Quotes: "Don't look back. Leave it all on the track."


outwestatlantic    Name: MJ

Highschool or College level?: College
Your Events: Vault, 1600-5,000
Relays? If so what leg?:
Favorite weather:Cold
Past Injuries: 4 Knee Operations, 2 Ankle Ops, Broken Ribs
Current Injuries: Shoulder
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: Asics, anything by the company
Motivational Quotes: "When you finish the race, all I wanna hear, is that you left it all out there, nothing more"
"you run at the track, not at the mouth"
"anyone who tried to win a 5k in the first 200 meters must be a moron"

hopey_ils  Name: H*Rock

Highschool or College level?: highschool junior ('07!!)

Your Events: 1600m, 4x8 are my loves. sometimes i have to run the open 8 or the 2mile (i hate it though)

Relays? If so what leg?: usually first, gotta get a good start. but sometimes last /:

Favorite weather: rain (: otherwise, around 50 no sun.

Past Injuries: stress fracture in my hip took me out of conference, sec, n state for cross soph. year

Current Injuries: noneee (: besides my hip still bothering me when i run on the indoor track too many laps

Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: anything new balance = ♥

Motivational Quotes: "Most people don't run long enough on their 1st wind, to realize they have a 2nd."


xsmurfyx   Name: Sydney
Highschool or College level?: Highschool
Your Events: 3200, 1600, and 4x800 sometimes.. and i do xc!
Relays? If so what leg?: 4x800... usually the 2nd or 3rd... sometimes last
Favorite weather: i love to run in the rain... but i like it whens its cool but sunny!
Past Injuries: stress fracture... hip flexor
Current Injuries: Shins.... dont all runners love shin splints?
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: Nike Jana Zoom waffle!
Motivational Quotes: i dont have just one... i have many! but i like the one- Champions train, endure pain, and never complain.

___becca  Name: Rebecca
Highschool or College level?: Highschool
Your Events: i do alot of events i've tried all of them from the 4x1 to the 3000 (BOO!)..last season i mainly did 200, triple jump, 800, and sometimes the 4x4
Relays? If so what leg?: sometimes the 4x4 either first leg or 3rd leg, and once last year i tried the 4x1..that was awesome, but my favorite was the 4x200 in modified..
Favorite weather: warm!! sunny, NO wind...but really muddy & rainy weather can be fun too
Past Injuries: nothing serious, but during xc my knee hurt to run on for a few days
Current Injuries: none =)
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: Nike and Saucony are my favorites..i dont really like Adidas too much though, theyre shoes are too big and baggy for me
Motivational Quotes: umm..i cant really think of any good ones right now..but once during a 200 race my block holder told me to think that they were chasing me during the race with a whip to make me go

bowdownplayaz  Name: Amy
Highschool or College level?: High School
Your Events: Long jump and Triple jump possibly competing high jump this season
Relays? If so what leg?: nope
Favorite weather: sunny 75 degrees
Past Injuries: stress fracture in my right shin, torn labrum (most recent), and tendonitis in knees
Current Injuries: Torn labrum...opting out of surgery until the end of the season
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: Asics Cyber Jump...the future shoe of the '06 season :)
Motivational Quotes: I have a bunch of corny ones but once when my shin splints were really really bad and i thought i couldnt keep going, my coach said "Amy, I’m not giving up on you. Dont give up on yourself...just keep going"

hiddenpheelings    Name: Chris
Highschool or College level?: some may say Highschool, i would say elite.
Your Events: anything over 5279feet
Relays? If so what leg?: all of the legs, thus, no
Favorite weather: a warm winter day with fog and traffic (kind of like today in MA)
Past Injuries: knee does not work
Current Injuries: me ignoring knee
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: waffles
Motivational Quotes: "A race is a work of art that people can look at and be affected in as many ways as they're capable of understanding. " ~pre

agent_tinkles    Name: Faith
Highschool or College level?:...elementary fool
Your Events: discus.. HAHAHA
Relays? If so what leg?: well once coach put me in the first medley relay thingy type deal for i dunno what reason and i did the 200....that was the end of that
Favorite weather:warm..sunny
Past Injuries: well once we did pushups on the track and its made of tire so my hands hurt for a while after that..they had marks on them..damn track
Current Injuries: well about 45 minutes ago i popped my neck and it still hurts.. but if you wanna be technical and get all "track" the only thing thats ever been wrong with me is shin splints
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat:my dcs..mwahahaha j/k
Motivational Quotes: "you guys they have 9 people on their team, we gotta beat them...come on now" HAHAHA we see how that worked out didnt we guys?

xcountryboy13  Name:  Elliott
Highschool or College level?: high school junior
Your Events: mile or duece
Relays? If so what leg?: where ever whenever
Favorite weather: the shit that makes other people go "he is running in THAT"
Past Injuries: general dings
Current Injuries: achillies tendonits
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: most nike stuff
Motivational Quotes: You're running on guts. On fumes. Your muscles twitch. You throw up. You're delirious. But you keep running because there's no way out of this hell you're in, because there's no way you're not crossing the finish line. It's a misery that non-runners don't understand.
-Martine Costello

foodtastesgood  Name: Alex
Highschool or College level?: High School
Your Events: Long Jump and Triple Jump mainly. I also do the 400 and the occasional relay
Relays? If so what leg?: depends who im doing it with
Favorite weather: Cold and Overcast!!!!!
Past Injuries: strained tendon above my ankle
Current Injuries: Damaged Cartilige on my double jointed knee
Favorite Shoe/Spike/Flat: i love running in Asaics spikes.
Motivational Quotes: You dont think I can do it, just watch me

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